The S/T LP´ by ´Desert Dog Music´is expected to come in in the first week of April. Click here to listen and/or order!

Desert Dog Music is the brainchild of clawhammer banjo virtuoso Jelle Snelders and the Netherlands' most prolific underground country singer, Eno Aronds. The album was recorded in a single day, with no prior preparation or practice sessions, resulting in an unadulterated country sound: the twang of an old guitar; solid old-timey banjo picking; and the voices of Eno and Jelle that find their way straight into the heart of those in possession of one.

Upon meeting at the recording space, the two musicians discovered they were childhood friends, reconnecting after many years. We are not sure if the serendipity of this reunion, the raw talent of the duo or the alignment of the stars are the reason for what happened on that dreary day in a small analogue recording studio In Rotterdam-Delfshaven. But something magical definately took place. And if you think this just some marketing story, be your own judge, The result is in your hands, give it a go.

As country music gains mainstream popularity and big pop musicians are trying to jump on the bandwagon to make a buck out the hype, you can keep counting on Little Water Records to keep on doing what we have been doing all along: bring you the best of the country underground..

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And then there were three!

Lana Mesic is now one of the CEO's of our highly commercial and competitive business corporation. Lana's taste in country music is so obscure that the the country that she was born in (Yugoslavia) doesn't even exist anymore. 

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Country Psychosis Release Dates + Order

The Country Psychosis I compilation album is now out and available for orders!

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